My composing works as in music. Like, for example, a sonata complies with a formal regularity, also a cupboard has certain necessities: a certain size, one has to be able to open it, things must find space in there somehow, the materials taken should be useable, not just fascinating.
Here the discussions begin, particularly with ones own pattern of thought: “Why isn´t a cupboard allowed to wobble, is that really important? Isn´t a cupboard allowed to wobble?”
When one thinks in furniture, then you think like a craftsman, like a carpenter or a locksmith: “That doesn’t work, you can’t do it like that.”
When you think as an artist, then one questions things, one starts looking and researching: “Why?” or better still, “Why not? It´s really exciting!” and one knows “for that very reason,” “to tell exactly that.”
What´s more, here one of the many elements of composition is represented: tension.
How does it develop, how does it relate to harmony, how much tension can a piece of work take?